Trevor Henthorn: Hipster Modular: Die Schlactensee Sets


Trevor Henthorn: Hipster Modular: Die Schlachtensee Sets

1. S1 Stücke 1-2 10:10
2. S2 Stücke 3-4 10:10
3. S3 Stücke 5-6 10:10
4. S4 Stücke 7-8 10:10
5. S5 Stücke 9-10 10:10
6. S6 Stücke 11-12 10:10
7. S7 Stücke 13-14 10:10


Schlachtensee is a lake in the south west of Berlin, in the Steglitz-Zehlendorf borough, on the edge of the Grunewald forest. The lake lends its name to the surrounding area and which has been part of Berlin since 1920. While, it is the city’s most easily accessible lake (next door to both S- and U-Bahn stations), it is surprisingly free from hipster culture. Some have proposed that this state is intentional, claiming that the recent summer ban on dogs (the controversial “Hundeverbot”) is an underhanded attempt to curtail hipster-like activites.

The literal definition of a hipster is: “A person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.” Many consider Berlin to be one of the most hipster-friendly cities in the world, 2nd only to Brooklyn, New York. Schlactensee is sufficiently outside of the city, a 15 km hike from Kreutzberg (the hippest area of Berlin), and, so, is considered one of the rare “outside-of-outside” spaces (geographically, aesthetically and culturally).

Sonically, Schlachtensee hosts the expected lake-area sounds – water, rain, birds, bees and ducks, but also human contributions ranging from hikers using walking sticks and mal-maintained bicycles to the helicopters and trains just out of view.

This collection brings together a modularization of field recordings from the area with compositional form based on local, environmental photos, along with signal processing and synthesis techniques from the ’60s, ’80s and 21st century.

These are the Hipster Modular Schlachtensee Sets.

Für JAD, JN, und RW

released November 1, 2016

Angry Vegan™ Records

Elektronik August 2016
Hergestellt in Berlin, Budesrepublik, Deutschland
Schnitt und Mastering von T. Henthorn und J. Kaiser
Zusammengestellt von Hipster Modular

Zum Export zugelassen
von Pan Handler Production
Trading Co., Ltd. vertrieben

Die Artefakte inspirierten den Klang:
Vielen Dank an Kaiser für den Generator. Fotografien von T. Henthorn.
Ausrüstung: Doepfter, PGH, Soundhack, Tiptop, Elektron, Moog, Catalinbread, EHX, KMI, Eventide, Earthquaker, Zoom, Rode, Ableton, KaiGen, iZotope, NI, DSP-Quattro, K-Devices, Max for Cats.

Zehn:Zehn x 7
Spielzeit 71 min 10 sek

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